• Tottle


    Paris, April 2023 - First tottle made of mono material components completely bio-based with an even better “touch and feel” than conventional plastic. A sustainable beauty packaging game-changer!

  • Performance eyewear

    San Jose, February 2023 - World’s first renewable performance eyewear made of a rebuildable frame for a variety of active sports in complete safety and in sync with nature

  • Mascara applicators

    Mascara applicators

    Paris, October 2022 -  First mascaras made of sustainable elastomeric materials for the delight of an ever increasing audience sensible to the environment in the cosmetics field

  • Toys

    Milan, June 2022 -  Leading toys manufacturer launches a product line, entirely made of our sustainable and recycleabe materials through state of the art rotomoulding technology

  • Cellulose cups

    Cellulose cups

    Rouen, August 2021 - After being recognized by the German certification body DIN CERTCO as home and garden compostable, the world’s leading testing and inspection body SGS, certified our food grade compostable materials used for home products, as equivalent to paper!

  • “Customer Driven” Cosmetic Applications

    Paris, February 2021 - We continue applying special sustainable materials for our customers in the cosmetic field through the development of "custom" solutions for specific functional and aesthetic needs