• We are "Plastic Free"!

    We are "Plastic Free"!

    Padua, November 2020 - Obtains the Plastic Free certification, meant as complete absence of polyolefins in materials made of second generation raw components and integrating the already obtained bio-based, food grade, biodegradable, OK Compost and Home Compost certifications

  • K 2019 The World’s No. 1 Trade Fair for Materials

    Düsseldorf, October 2019 - Took part again at the leading global trade show of material manufacturing and processing technologies with a line of completely bio-based, food grade, compostable and fully recyclable materials. Existing and new clients appreciated the effort to fulfill with natural materials the EU guidelines on single use products

  • Plates and cutlery with temperature resistance of over 100°C

    Plates and cutlery with temperature resistance of over 100°C

    Venice, September 2019 - First plates and cutlery made of completely bio-based food grade materials through extrusion/thermoforming and injection molding technology all with temperature resistance of over 100°C

  • Completely bio-based "Home Compost" drinking straws

    Monaco, July 2019 - First completely bio-based “Home Compost” drinking straws presented on the market in the Principality of Monaco

  • European Directive on Plastics

    European Directive on Plastics

    Bruxelles, October 2018 - The European Parliament and Council approved a new directive that intends to reduce the impact of various plastic products in the environment. The leading principle of this effort being the manufacturer responsibility toward the environment

  • Bio-based coffe capsules

    Seattle, November 2017 - Leading international coffee company has decided to adopt Liquidwood materials for its bio-based sustainable coffee capsules that will be distributed globally contributing to CO2 reduction and lessening einvironmental pollution